I like weddings. I like being there when you’re getting ready and starting to realize that, wait, you’re going to be married in less than an hour. When the flower girl delivers some of the best lines of the night. When you’ve just left the ceremony and it still feels unreal. When the entire wedding party has better dance moves than my own group of friends (though, believe me, that’s quite a feat). And then, when it’s all over, and I come home and geek out about the pictures I spent the day shooting and am now going to spend a few too many late nights editing until they’re perfect and I can’t wait any longer to send them back to you.

When I shoot your wedding, I’m not going to interrupt you getting ready and have you pretend to do some awkward pose over and over. My approach leans towards photo-journalistic– minimal posing (outside of those oh-so-necessary family formals that grandparents fret over) and natural observing. I don’t want the photos to feel or look unnatural; I want them to represent your wedding, exactly as it unfolds.

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