San Francisco (pt 2)

In May I visited two best friends in a city I was more than skeptical about.

Three months later, I had a one-way ticket back.

Weekly, I change my mind about how long I’ll be in this fog-filled city. But, for now, it’s a pretty good place to be.

Alex + Mark

days that start with dogs and end with dance parties at theatres in detroit are guaranteed to be wonderful. as well as being able to photograph in st. joseph’s–one of the (many) churches in detroit that my mother had told me about, yet i had not explored (til now).

add in excellent family dancing and alex and mark– two people who didn’t stop smiling once, and i think you have it. wedding success.

Shot for Elizabeth Solaka Photography.

Venue: Gem Theatre, Detroit MI

Julia + Ricky

julia and ricky. this wedding was amazing. and not just because it made me finally appreciate jt’s “suit and tie.”

a day of laughter everywhere. the happiest friends and family. “town and country” photos… this might just have been my favorite wedding of the year…

Venue: Grosse Pointe War Memorial

Kelsey + Kyle

Michigan fall is all I want.

Especially when it has 70 degree days, caramel apple bars, endless cider, and sunset ceremonies. Kelsey and Kyle. So great.

Venue: Crosspointe Community Church

Nicole + Aaron

This wedding isn’t one that I’ll be forgetting anytime soon: a sunshine-filled ceremony on the lawn of a school that’s only a few miles from where I grew up, followed by feather bowling, fire trucks, and the best (wildest) family traditions I’ve yet to experience. Nicole and Aaron knew how to celebrate.

The YMCA never looked so good. Nor did 15+ vintage tuxes of every pastel of the rainbow…